Korean Rice Face Cream


Rice faces cream is a highly moisturizing cream enriched with rice extracts, glycerol, carboxamide & polowax, Which contains that have been distilled & specially made to remove dead skin cells & water to create smooth & moisturized skin. Rice is known as the 1000 years Asian beauty secret.  A moisturizing face cream helps to seal nourishment & moisture into the skin leaving it soft & bright. Glycerin helps to lock moisture into your skin preventing dryness. If you suffer problems like dull skin, blemishes, or uneven skin tone. It will boost the production of collagen in your skin giving you a supple, illuminated complexion. Apart from this, it also helps lighten scars & pigmented patches. Rice water is rich in amino acids, antioxidants & minerals which may reduce the aging process. Helps to improve skin tone & barrier from sun damage.


BENEFITS:  Works on signs of aging.

Relief from inflammation & burns.

Repairs the skin.

Takes care of sun damage.

Boosts skin harrier health.

Softens & tightens the skin.

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